A hacking tool

1)In no less than 250 words, describe a hacking tool that is used to gain access to a network. Explain how the tool is used, how it works and how a network

administrator can prevent this tool from access the network

2)Many people believe that the use of biometrics is an invasion of privacy. For example, an eye scanning device records the inner structure of a person’s eye and

stores that image in a database. Critics worry that databases of human traits used to maintain corporate security may actually pose a privacy threat to individuals, if

such data were used in other ways. In your view, are such concerns justified? Why or why not? Need this in 250 words

3)Some common biometric techniques include:

Fingerprint recognition
Signature dynamics
Iris scanning
Retina scanning
Voice prints
Face recognition
Select one of these biometric techniques and explain the benefits and the vulnerabilities associated with that method in 3-4 paragraphs.

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