A narrative essay



n a narrative essay you are telling a story about the subject, possibly to enlighten or entertain readers or to explain something to them. Answer the journalist’s questions: who, what, when, where, why, how?
When you are writing your narrative essay, make sure you follow some sort of rational sequence and that the story is told in chronological order.
Use time transitions to help keep the reader on track (meanwhile, in the past, after a few days, etc.).
Use concrete and specific details to make your point.
Include the following critical elements in your narrative essay: setting, plot, conflict, characters, climax or peak experience (this leads to thesis or the important realization), and conclusion (explains how the situation was resolved. This should allude to the important realization/thesis).
The most memorable characters are those who have flaws; feel free to tell stories that reveal human weaknesses.
Remember to title your essay.
In your narrative essay be sure to discuss what you learned from your experience, about yourself and/or others. Describe the experience as if you are telling a story.





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