Ac256 final unit 8 project

Complete Problem 7:63 in your text as your Tax Project and submit your completed file in Microsoft Word, Excel, or as a PDF file to the Dropbox.

You may complete the tax return in a number of ways. You may download the required forms from The PDF files will allow you to enter the required information directly on the screen and you may save those PDF files. Next, you may print out the forms and fill them in manually. Then, you may scan the documents as PDF files for upload to the Dropbox. Or, another option might be to use any Tax Return preparation software. Be sure it is the correct filing year, and only submit the “Filing Copy” of the return in PDF format.

Source: Internal Revenue Service: Retrieved from


Number of Exemptions correct-line 6a2.0 points

Line 7 correct2.5

Line 8a correct2.5

Lina 9a correct2.5

Line 22 correct2.5

Line 37 correct10

Line 40 correct15

Line 42 correct4.5

Line 43 correct4.5

Line 44 correct15

Line 54 correct5

Line 55 correct2.5

Line 61 correct2.5

Line 62 correct2.5

Line 72 correct2.5

Line 73 correct10

Schedule A correct5

Schedule B correct5

Form 8283 Correct4





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