aim of this project is to provide recommendations

  1. Introduction

The aim of this project is to provide recommendations and solutions for the HR processes, practices and techniques applied in (name of the company), including recommendations to cope with various HR challenges.

Human Resources (HR) consist of different processes, practices and techniques that related to different aspects such as, staffing policies, selection mechanism, turnover situation, compensation packages, employee development program.

Thus, to investigate about all these Processes, techniques and practices related to the mentioned aspects, enough information needs to be collected from (name of the company). Along with the company website and other related published material, information from HR staff that work in the same company will used to achieve the aim of the project.

To meet the purpose of the project, overview information about the company will be collected, enough explanation about the HR practices and activities will be provided including examining the practices that applied in (company name). Also, the possible HR challenges will be examined for the selected company. before the conclusion, recommendations and solutions will be provided on how the company can apply better HR practices and activities and be able to face the expected challenges.

  1. Overview About the Company (عام
  2. Human Resource Practices and Activities
  1. Human Resources Challenges
  1. Recommendations and Solutions
  1. Conclusion
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