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Pick an album cover that has a complexity that would work for an in depth analysis. Some covers may be too simplistic or straightforward to require much interpretation. The album cover may include a visual image combined with written text. 

Writing Issues: 

  • Analyzing visual images and written text. Relate the album cover to the songs on the album.
  • Considering both the explicit and implied meanings and messages of the album cover and how they are communicated.
  • Include any information from the artist, or other credible sources about the album cover. 
  • Analyze how the cover prepares the audience for the music.  Think about who its target audience is and what it’s saying about the musical genre. 
  • Describing the album so that your readers can see what you see.
  • Figuring out a structure for your paper that will enable you to talk about all of these component parts.

Writer’s Voice:

It is an academic paper, so use a formal voice as you would for most of the other papers you write in school. Avoid using “you”. Write in the third person whenever possible.


Approximately 3 pages, or 1,000 words, double spaced. 12pt font, Times New Roman. MLA formatted. Cite at least one outside source. 

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