An in-depth introduction to fee (a tourism class paper)

Requirement: Fully explore the official website of “Foundation for Environmental Education” ( and talk about what it is, what are their main goals & jobs, what did they offered to the public. Remember to pick one or two specific programmes of FEE that you are interested in and explain what values these projects can provide to our tourism development. Is there some particular country/city/region was greatly influenced or doing well by following what these projects advocate?

Double spaced, 12 page APA format; Academic and reliable citation is required.

Tips: 1. Try to explore on its official website as much detail as possible. But also need to refer to other outside resources to write about FEE.

2. Keep up with the on-the-go and write in the present. For example, you could mention Covid-19 and incorporate it in the right section when necessary.

3. Focus on tourism concepts and their relationship with FEE.

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