Approaches to Sociological Analysis Questions

Approaches to Sociological Analysis Questions.

Approaches to Sociological Analysis Questions

 Discuss the strengths and limitations of positivist, interpretivist, and other approaches to sociological analysis.

2.What does it mean to be a “neighbor” in the cultural understandings of Americans? What has the pandemic shown us about just who is and is not our “neighbor?”

3.Topic: When F. Scott Fitzgerald said, “The rich are different than you and me,” Ernest Hemingway responded, “Yes, they have more money.” Is there a difference between a merely quantitative distinction and whatever Fitzgerald meant when he claimed the rich are “different”? Has the pandemic brought out any significant social-structural or qualitative differences between the rich and everyone else?

4. Topic: What has been the impact of the huge expansion of digital communications media? What has the pandemic revealed about the uses and abuses of these new methods of communication?

Approaches to Sociological Analysis Questions

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