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(See Writing Assignments Module for PDF of article review instructions)

I attached the article bellow. Each article review involves reading and reviewing one full article from a set of assigned options related to topics covered in the course. For each Article Review, you will find the choices posted under the library reserves course reading list. These assignments are aimed at delving more deeply into topics around infant and child development, as well as providing experience in summarizing, critiquing, and synthesizing information from scholarly articles. You are expected to correctly cite sources in APA style.


Your review should include two components, each accounting for about half of your overall paper. Be sure to pay attention to the rubric as a guideline for appropriateness and completeness. You will need to work on summarizing the key points while leaving out some details (since your whole paper is a max of 2 pages).

Summary of Article: Provide a brief summary outlining the major points of the article you read. This should include information about the background and rationale, how the research was done and with whom, the conceptual and measured variables, and the conclusions. You will want to include a summary of the following sections, listed below.

1. What information was presented in the Introduction explaining previous research and the motivation of the present study? What was the study hypothesis and/or the key aims? This should include a brief background related to the research question (e.g., why the question is important, what research has been done previously, what is missing from the literature).

2. What were the Methods in general? Even if you do not understand some of them, try your best to summarize what they did in the study in your own words.

3. What were the Results? It is ok not to discuss the statistics if they are complex, but you should summarize whether there were effects or differences between groups found, and what they were.

4. What was concluded based on the results? Did the results support the hypothesis or address the key aims? What can be inferred about the topic from the study? Are there limitations? This will be covered in the Discussion or Conclusion sections of the paper

Analysis: Provide an analysis and discussion linking what you read to course content or to current issues and applications in developmental psychology or related fields. This is a creative section including your own interpretation, reflections, and take-home points. You should be thoughtful and analytical in your response. I will be looking for you to include interesting, relevant, and important points, while referencing back to the article or course concepts to support your ideas.


Length: Your paper should be 1 ½ – 2 pages double-spaced (at least 1 ½ pages, but not more than 2). Gross over- or under- estimates of this page amount will result in lost points.

Formatting: Please use 12-point, Times New Roman font, and 1-inch margins. Note that these may not be your Word settings and you may need to adjust them.

Header: Your full name and ID number should go in the header of your paper (see above for example).

Article Reference: The reference for the paper you reviewed will act as the title for your paper. It should be listed in APA style. It should be bolded and appear at the beginning of your review.

Paper publishs: I am happy to review paper publishs in office hours (or by appointment). Although you may certainly ask questions via email, I am unable to review publishs submitted via email.

Grading Rubric: A grading rubric or guide is available in Cougar Courses, which I encourage you to reference when planning and proofreading. This may serve as a self-check tool while you are writing. Make sure you proofread, consider clarity and efficiency of writing, and that you complete all components of the assignment!

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