Artist of the New Millennium

For this paper you will select one artist that either we studied in class or he (she) is discussed in the textbook. In this paper, you will present your argument explaining why this artist exemplifies the subject, style, medium, and character of the new millennium. You will argue for the reasons why this artist will be studied 100 years from now in survey texts and will exemplify this era.

This paper will be between 8 – 10 pages and be based on relevant art historical and peer-reviewed articles or books (i.e., critical reviews of works in art magazines obtained in CSUSM library databases; primary sources such as interview with artists, arts organizers/managers, and involved community representatives; and any other relevant archival sources).

As part of this assignment, your essay will provide an in-depth investigation of a minimum of two-three specific and significant examples of this artist’s artwork for which this artist became critically acclaimed. While analyzing these specific examples, you will discuss the subject matter, artistic form, iconography, style, media, and content as it relates to the course’s themes (Clement Greenberg, Situationism, Happening, Neo-Realism, Process art, Feminist art, Minimalism, Conceptual art, Performance art, Neo-Expressionism, Consumerism and Commodity art, Post-modernism, Hypermodernism, etc.). You should think why his/her work relevant/ interesting in the context of questions/ situations we have discussed thus far? What is his/her relationship with the art of the new millennium?

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