Book Analysis


1. For the community where you live, provide an example of a quality retail store location and an example of a less-effective retail store location. Based on the assigned reading, describe why you categorized each location as you do. Be sure to refer to information from the textbook in your answer. (you may use any retail stores you want, I live in Port saint lucie, Florida so if you can use stores from that location i would appreciate that!)

2. Assume you are in charge of a retail bookstore on your campus. Based on the information in the assigned reading, what would you recommend the bookstore do in terms of store atmospherics, product display, and retail positioning? Be sure to refer to information from the textbook in your answer.

3. Use your assigned textbook and at least two career related articles to answer the following questions and be sure to address how this applies to your chosen career in your answer. What is a CTA? Discuss a CTA that led you to some action. What made the specific CTA effective in influencing your behavior?

a rubric is provided, …(this is a grading guide). Be sure to proofread, and use separate paragraphs for each answer. There is a minimum word count of 150 for initial posting– all answers combined.

(Hunt, S., Mello, J., & Deitz, G. (2007). Marketing (2nd ed.) New York, NY: McGraw-Hill
Education; Loose-Leaf version ISBN# 9781260931037 available at IRSC Bookstore)



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