Book presentation

Book presentation.


1. Students are required to do both (book and power point presentation)
2. Organize and compile your work into a book presentation (Comb binding)
3. Book presentation guidelines:
• Use A4 paper (single sided printing ONLY)
• Font style size 12 Times New Roman
• Margin Normal
• Line spacing Multiple at 1.5
• All pages should be numbered
• Assignment front page lay out: BOLD AND CAPITAL LETTERS

1 Introduction
2 Patient’s biodata
• Initial
• Sex, religion, marital status, occupation,
• Date of admission, provisional diagnosis, date of surgery
3 Family and social history
• Family illness
• Congenital, risk factors,
• Monthly income
4 Past medical/surgical history
• Allergies
• Current medication, supplements
5 Patient assessment
• Subjective data (symptoms onset, duration, risk factors)
• Objective data (chief complaints, obtained data- vital signs)
6 Important terms pertaining case
7 Diagnosis and surgery performed
• Definition
• Related anatomy and physiology
• Etiology, clinical manifestations
• Pathophysiology
8 Physical assessment done + date performed
9 Investigation done + result
• Interpretation of finding + normal value comparisons
10 Management
• Drugs
• Nursing management
• Nursing care plan with relevant nursing diagnosis
11 Discharge planning
• Provide health education given post operatively
12 Summary
13 APA references




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Book presentation

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