Bus Tracker

Bus Tracker

Have you ever waited outside in the cold wondering when that darn bus will be arriving? If so, then the bus tracker is what your school or city needs to invest in. The bus tracker is an app that will allow you to see exactly where the bus is so you can spend your valuable time completing more tasks or just staying warm/dry inside of your home during treacherous weather. The bus tracker app will have a code accessible from your school or city that will allow you to correlate with what school or city you want. You may be wondering how this works, which is a good question. Each bus with have a Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking chip which is connected to the app. The app would use your current location to show you exactly how far the bus is away from you. The app would also send a text message to the parent’s letting the parent know that their children have successfully gotten on the bus safely.

My target market for this app would be schools all over the world with all different weathers and conditions. This bus tracking technology would also be targeted to heavily populated cities that have a bussing system. I would also try to target selling this app to the companies, not the individual person. This would be a benefit that the companies could offer to their customers as a result for using them over there competitors.

The SWOT analysis for the bus tracking app is:


1. My first strength would be exceptional customer service that would be offered 24/7 to help with problems or questions that the customer would have. Customer service is everything in our company.

2. My second strength that would have a huge impact on our company’s success is we would be the first company to offer a quick and responsive mobile app that is protected and secure for parents/students and citizens who use public transportation.

3. My third and final strengths for my bus tracking company that our company will only have top level code of ethics. We will also train our employees with our outstanding values and merit.


1. My first weakness for this company would be I have no experience with Global Positioning System (GPS) which would mean I would have a hard time with product development.

2. My second weakness for my bus tracker app is security, I am not sure how I would keep the people using the bus tracker app safe from other people hacking the app and jumbling the bus system or finding out our clients location.

3. My third weakness I have thought of for my bus tracking company is I have no experience with starting and running my own company which can cause serious problems when managing a business.


1. My first opportunity for this bus tracker app is being able to tack the product globally because I could change and adapt this bus tracking app for trains subways or any other form of transportation.

2. My second opportunity is being able to expand and push the current market for tracking systems by making a mobile app student/parent and citizens using public transportation.

3. My third opportunity for my bus tracking company is to see a shift from high overpriced systems to a more affordable cheaper bus tracking system.


1. My first and biggest threat for my bus tracking company would be competition since there are other companies that offer tracking systems, but I would overcome this threat by being the first to have a fast and accurate mobile app that is user friendly.

2. My second threat is having heavily populated cites and schools disapprove of the bus tracking system and having a hard time convincing them to buy and use the product. I would overcome this threat by showing the heavily populated cites and schools how all the pros outweigh the cons which would be less “snow” days it would be safer for the children and it would help both students and adults stop missing so many buses. The only con is having to buy and pay monthly to use the bus tracking system.

3. My third and final threat to my bus tracking company is starting out during covid-19 there are juristic number of citizens/students who have stop riding the bus because there scared of overcrowding resulting in becoming ill. I would overcome his by coming out with a message in person and social media stating to keep your social distance and waiting for there to be a vaccine that way people will start riding the bus again.

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I was given a template to help:

[Enter Company Name Here]

Marketing Plan


Table of Contents

Marketing Plan for [Enter Company Name Here] 1

Executive Summary. 1

Company Overview.. 1

Industry and Trend Analysis. 1

Target Market 1

Competitor Analysis. 1

Strategic Position and Risk Assessment 1

Marketing Strategy. 1

Target Market Analysis. 1

Product Strategy. 1

Placement Strategy. 1

Promotion Strategy. 2

Pricing Strategy. 2

Implementation and Metrics. 2

Appendix. 3

Bibliography. 4

Marketing Plan for [Enter Company Name Here]

Executive Summary

[Enter Executive Summary Here ( Last)]

Company Overview

[Enter Company Overview Here]

Industry and Trend Analysis

[Enter Industry and Trend Analysis Here]

Target Market

[Enter Target Market Analysis Here]

Competitor Analysis

[Enter Competitor Analysis Here]

Strategic Position and Risk Assessment

[Enter SWOT Analysis Here]

Marketing Strategy

Target Market Analysis

[Enter Target Market Analysis Here]

Product Strategy

[Enter Product Strategy Here]

Placement Strategy

[Enter Placement Strategy Here]

Promotion Strategy

[Enter Promotion Strategy Here]

Pricing Strategy

[Enter Pricing Strategy Here]

Implementation and Metrics

[Enter Implementation and Metrics Information Here]


[Enter Supporting Appendix Information Here]


There are no sources in the current document.

Then I was given an outline:

Marketing Plan Outline

NOTE: This is a brief summary – doesn’t list all details to be covered in each section.

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