Business intelligence final project | Information Systems homework help

Project: Find a process within a business that you feel can help that business gain a competitive advantage.

Create a word document that contains at least the following:

Start by introducing the project:
* Explain the process you will be reviewing and want to modify.
* Explain the business and industry where this process exists.
* Give an overview of the current process and how it works.

Based on the materials within the Business Intelligence course, explain a new technology that should be deployed.
* Be very specific.  Note the exact technology as well as the specific application of that technology (i.e. technology might be Smart Automation – while the specific application might be light dimming technology).
* Identify the pros and cons of the new technology. 
* Identify how the new technology would impact the business/industry and the process that was selected to be modified.

What are the various factors the business should consider before deploying the new technology.
* Are their cost considerations. 
* What other projects are impacted or might impact the deployment. 
* What are 5 to 10 things the business should consider before implementing and explain how important it would be to use the new technology (i.e. use some type of scale-like ‘Critical’ vs ‘High Priority’ vs … vs ‘Good to have’).

The project must be at least 3 pages in length, double-spaced, 12-font (APA Format).  This total length does not include the APA approved cover page and the reference page(s).  There must be at least 3 APA approved references, with citations, to support the work.

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