Case Study for Strategy

This Case Study for Strategy

Discuss on Oil & Gas. Reduce oil & gas industry, oil & gas globally, climate change, Energy industry?

SWOT, PESTEL tools to be used to support your answer

Q1- Based on the provided case study, provide and discuss solutions can be adopted in reducing the emissions?

Q2- what challenges might be faced to reduce the emissions?

Q3- using strategy tools critically analyses the situation?

Q4- critically discuss the climate change effect on reducing the emissions?

Q5- how could the emissions are impacting the environment?

By using Key Challenges

  • Worsening Fiscal Terms.
  • Unconventional resources.
  • Rising Emerging Consumer Demand.
  • China As A Significant Market Influencer.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Substitute Fuels Which Entail Second-generation Biofuels.
  • Smart Oilfield Innovation.
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