Chemistry course

You are taking a very difficult chemistry course, which you must pass to maintain your scholarship and to avoid damaging your application for graduate school. Chemistry is not your strong suit, and, because of a just-below-failing average in the course, you will have to receive a grade of 90 or better on the final exam, which is two days away. A janitor, who is aware of your plight, informs you that he found the master for the chemistry final in a trash barrel and has saved it. He will make it available to you for a price, which is high but which you could afford. What would you do?

(a) I would tell the janitor thanks, but no thanks.

(b) I would report the janitor to the proper officials.

(c) I would buy the exam and keep it to myself.

(d) I would not buy the exam myself, but I would let some of my friends, who are also flunking the course, know that it is available.

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