Children’s Book Analysis



Brief Introduction
In addition to entertaining young children, children’s books are influential in the development of cognition, social skills, emotional intelligence, perceptive skills and many other domains. Your task in this assignment is to analyze — from a developmental-psychological perspective — the context and information depicted in a children’s book. You should think carefully about the information and materials presented and illustrated in the book, and then apply what you’ve learned this semester regarding the factors that influence children’s development. I urge you to bring any/all concepts encountered in this course that relate to the information, storyline, characters and/or behaviors portrayed.
Choose a children’s book*, read it and look at the pictures. Then, after reading it:
(a) summarize the book [include book title and author], and then
(b) connect it to at least 2 developmental-psychological principles/concepts/theories that appear to be operating in the information, material, storyline, characters and/or behaviors depicted in the book.
For each principle that you identify:
(a) briefly describe the relevant information from the book;
(b) describe in detail the developmental-psychological principle you believe is relevant.
(c) Finally, briefly summarize how you believe this book is/is not an important tool for children’s development.

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