Communication Human communication ( the basic course )

Communication Human communication ( the basic course ).

Choose one theory from Human communication Book Chapter 8 to discuss one interpersonal relationship that you have had or are currently in.  For example, does the Attraction Theory explain why you started a relationship with your current boyfriend or girlfriend?  Can the Equity Theory perfectly explain your relationship with your best friend?   Do you stick to any of the friendship rules outlined in the Relationship Rules Theory?  Regardless of the theory you choose or the relationship that you apply it to, should clearly identify the theory and explain its key components.  Your discussion should explain why and how your relationship began, developed, and/or dissolved.  You must use the textbook and at least one other source in your paper.   Cite all sources using APA style.   APA style requires in text citations as well as a reference page.  Please manually proofread and use spell-check before printing.  


Your paper should be at least 3 full pages long,

12 pt. font,

double spaced,

Communication Human communication ( the basic course )

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