Complete 4 (four) observations of ‘Riley’ (the child in the video) as detailed below

Early Childhood Education and Care Off-the-Job Assessment LA019689
Assesinent Summary This assessment is ungraded. Learners will receive a Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory in accordance with TAFE NSW Assessment Guidelines.
All assignments must be completed satisfactorily.
What you have to do
Task 1 involves completing a series of observations on a child named Riley.
Task 2 involves creating one (1) experience plan for Riley for the indoor OR outdoor environment based on the observations completed in Task 1.
Please read through all tasks very carefully.
Task 1: Observations
Watch the video sequences of ‘Riley’ aged 13 to 18 months of age.
The video sequences are available on the Resources (tab) of the OLS under all Support cluster units.
Complete 4 (four) observations of ‘Riley’ (the child in the video) as detailed below: Observation 1— Anecdotal Observation (Sequence 1 — Self feeding pumpkin soup) Observation 2 — Anecdotal Observation (Sequence 2 — Outside with brush and container) Observation 3 — Jotting observation (Sequence 3 — Riley with pegs and container) Observation 4 — Learning story (Sequence 4 — Riley and Holly in the backyard) Refer to learner resource for CHCECE013 – Use information about children to inform learning
Analyse (interpret) these observations considering: • Aspects of the child’s development • Knowledge, ideas, abilities and interests of the child • Social interactions • Reactions to the play environment
Refer to CHCECE010 – Support the holistic development of children in early childhood
LA019689, Play Cluster Off-the-Job Assessment, CHC30113 © New-South Wales Technical and Further Education Commission 2017 (TAFE NSW – WSI), Archive version 2, January 2017

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