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 My subject is Corneal and Retinal disorders. Research paper and PowerPoint presentation

Assignment Objective

This project or assignment will assist the student to examine evidence and challenge assumptions to improve the quality care for patients, families and communities. This assignment should evaluate, analyzes, and reflect on the professional nurse values in practice. In addition, identify legal and ethical standards in practice The Student will identify your patients’ learning need, then create and implement a teaching plan to correct the area(s) of weakness.

Assignment Directions Instructions for completion: Based on information gathered through a thorough assessment, identify a learning need in an assigned topic. Student will complete an APA paper and an oral presentation based on the criteria below.

Assignment criteria:

  • Introduction
  • List learning objectives & learning activities
  • Describe the disease pathophysiology
  • Complication, signs, and symptoms of disease process
  • Treatment for disease process
  • Identify nursing care activities and interventions
  • Identify prevention, health promotion, and research related to the assigned topic
  • Identified learning need for disease process
  • Identify cultural/diversity issues to consider
  • Evaluate, analyzes, and reflect on the professional nurse values in practice
  •  Identify legal and ethical standards in practice
  • Handouts, brochures, printed materials to be given to client
  • Conclusion
  • References
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