Cultural Issues in Health Care

Cultural Issues in Health Care.


Recently, Kalamazoo, Michigan was noted to have the highest Black Infant Mortality Rate (BIMR) in the State of Michigan.  This might seem like a curious statistic when compared to Detroit or Wayne County which have higher populations of African-Americans.  Kalamazoo also has two high quality hospitals in the community. Yet more African-American babies were dying in this community than any other in Michigan.  Is there an issue related to health disparity at work in Kalamazoo?  Although it is generally known that healthcare disparity exists in the United States, it is difficult to understand in a country with as many resources and services available to its citizens. This assignment gives you the opportunity to research disparity and gain some insight into its causes and impact (Wallace, personal communication, 2013).

To Prepare for the Assignment: Complete the assigned reading Locate a peer-reviewed journal article(s) on the topic Review the rubric for this assignment in the syllabus


With these thoughts in mind,


Assignment:   Research peer-reviewed journal articles on healthcare disparity issues. Prepare a 2-3 page APA paper (not including title page and references) covering the following: Subject Descriptions, Summary of Findings, Recommendations if possible and Conclusions. See the Rubric for further details.

Cultural Issues in Health Care

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