Data and visual reports

TOPIC: Bench-marking Testing

1. Windows operating system (Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 10.0.17763) in terms of what the literature says about the efficiencies AND inefficiencies for each in terms of Performance that you will measure (graphics, cpu, memory, file storage). This section should be really detailed and contain subheadings. Basically there are 4 sections.

2. Research what benchmarking is, its purpose, why its a valuable tool for IT managers.

3. Research at least two benchmark tools that you can use in your research (so free and downloadable). 2 for Windows Describe what the benchmark tool is, who developed it, and find a case study where its been used (if possible).

4. Discuss the data and visual reports that the tool will give you so you can compare the results. Be specific here…this is critical to success.

***You need at least 2 references PER fact. You must use APA inline citations.

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