Dataset analysis

Dataset analysis.






1.We have begun our analysis of whether a dataset is appropriate for analysis. The first step was to evaluate whether there was a continuous numeric variable. This allowed us to run appropriate summary statistics. We have provided the definitions of some of the summary statistics in Table 1. We obtained the descriptive statistics by running characterize data in SAS (Table 2.), summary statistics in SAS (Table 3.), and descriptive statistics in Excel (Table 4.). Include the Tables in this document. Note: You are required to include proof of work that includes: Table 1 Definitions, Table 2 Descriptive Statistics for Numeric Variables, Table 3 Summary Statistics for Labor, Table 4 Descriptive Statistics, Figure 1 Histogram of the Type of Positions, Figure 2 $/H Distribution for Labor

2.In this paragraph, briefly discuss how many numeric attributes were in the data. Are location and position continuous variables? Is there missing data? If so, discuss which attribute has missing data and identify how many records are missing data otherwise state that there is no missing data. In either scenario you should reference the tables that provide the information. What are the implications of missing data?

3.In this paragraph, briefly discuss which position is the least common from Figure 1. If you needed 5 records to evaluate each category would it be appropriate to include this position as a separate category?

4.In this paragraph, briefly discuss if there are outliers in $/Hr from Figure 2. If there are outliers would you include them?

5.In this paragraph make a recommendation to use the data or not. Does it have numeric data? Are there more than 100 records without missing data? If you eliminated the outliers would the data still be appropriate?



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Dataset analysis

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