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PAPER ASSIGNMENT: Write an 8-10 page (8 written, 1 cover page, 1 reference page) paper in which you explore a current issue in media law and propose a means of resolving the issue. Your discussion should be the HEART of the paper.
Your paper topic must address a question related to the study of media law. At the same time, there are many media law issues that we do not cover in class. You are not limited to the topics or issues addressed in class materials.
1.     Develop a topic concerning a current issue in mass media law. There are a vast number of possible topics. If you don’t have a topic in mind, spend some time reading news magazines, trade publications, newspapers and other general interest publication.
My topic is Regulation of Electronic Media
2.    Frame your topic in the form of a question or a conclusion: “Should the federal government have the power to require pre-publication review as a condition of employment?” or “The Maryland Supreme Court’s privacy decisions seriously threaten the individual’s right to privacy.” or “Government should have the power to prohibit pornographic expression”.
My question:  Should the FCC have the right to set uniform national standards and have the power to prevent any city from establishing different standards?  Why and why not?
3.     Do enough research to provide adequate understanding of the topic. There is no magic number of sources, but experience suggests that a solid research effort will enhance your paper. The best papers are built on a foundation of good research. Your research may include extensive use of legal resources, but you are not required to make extensive use of legal materials.
You can start with this case and utilize the following information to help with research, if needed.
City of New York v. FCC, 486 U.S. 57 (1988) (pgs. 505/526)
Compare the above case to other current cases (2020, high court or lower court) involving the FCC where their right to set uniform national standards is being challenged?
FCC and The Courts:


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