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Discussion questions: 

1. Answer question 6 on page 424 of Writing About Writing (at the end of Wardle’s article): “Think of all the people you know who have some sort of institutionally ascribed authority. (Hint: One of them probably assigned this reading!) Can you think of a time when one or more of them lost their authority in your eyes or someone else’s through their linguistic actions or behaviors? If so, what happened?” 

2. Choose any other discussion question featured on page 424, at the end of Wardle’s article, and then answer it. Include the question with your response. 

3. Think about your own experiences enculturating into a role or system (such as your belief system, a workplace, a social club, etc.). What kinds of language did you have to learn to use as you grew into this new community? What tensions existed between your identity and the demands of your new role/community? How did you adapt to the new community? 

4. Name one concept from this lesson that you most struggle(d) to understand. What about this concept, term, or idea is troublesome? What do you currently think it means, whether you feel certain or not? 

Answer at least 3 questions with, at minimum, a 3-5 sentence paragraph. In-depth, thoughtful, and careful responses are encouraged. Be specific where possible. Label your answers so readers know which questions you are responding to. 

When it’s time to respond to your peers’ answers, respond to at least two peers. Your responses should also contain a few sentences per question, at the least. Respond as completely as you can. One-word or generic responses are not appropriate here. Your responses should contribute something new to the conversation. 

When responding to answers for the last question (troublesome concepts), please provide your understanding of the concept or idea that your peers struggle to understand. Perhaps the way you understand it (and thus communicate it) will be helpful for them. If you, too, struggle with that concept, let your classmate know they’re not alone. It may be that in discussing the issue together, you both come to understand the concept better.

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