This week’s discussion is going to mix things up a bit by placing a heavier emphasis on peer feedback than on the initial post. A different rubric will be applied for the unit 9 discussion, and your ability to engage as a team member will be assessed for Professional Competency 1.1.
In your initial post for this Discussion, you will provide your first publish of your digital media presentation. This presentation will be based on the argument for change you wrote about in Unit 8. You can create a video or slide presentation to highlight your main message. Then, you will provide a minimum of two thorough, detailed peer responses according to the guidelines below. To earn full credit and demonstrate mastery of Professional Competency 1.1, you will need to go beyond the minimum expectations by responding to feedback on your post and/or providing feedback to more than two classmates.
For this week’s initial post, you will share a publish of your digital media presentation to receive feedback from your classmates and the instructor. You will receive peer feedback on your publish of your digital media presentation, much like you may well receive comments and feedback from your community members or coworkers if they are provided access to the digital media presentation. When you upload your presentation, please post at least one question to your classmates based on what you still need help with in your presentation. This question will give your peer reviewers some direction and help to ensure the feedback you get is based on the feedback you want.
If you are not readily familiar with digital media tools, the WC has resources that you can review, and one of them is “Creating Effective PowerPoints.” If you want to try different tools beyond the basic slide presentation, the Internet has several free tools to consider, such as Animoto®, Prezi®, PowToon®, WeVideo®, or GoAnimate®.
When considering both the tools and visuals to include, keep in mind the requirements of this unit’s digital media Assignment. You can review the Unit 9 Assignment guidelines.
As noted in the Reading, a great deal of thought should be put into the selection and use of visuals and text in digital media presentations. When you engage in a team presentation, whether for work or school, you want to provide support for your teammates, acknowledge their contributions by pointing out strengths in their work, and offer original, thoughtful feedback that will benefit the entire team. The ability to collaborate effectively is a crucial professional skill, and this week’s discussion will help you to build those skills.
To earn full participation credit, you will need to respond substantively to at least two peers’ initial Discussion posts and show active engagement by responding to feedback about your presentation. Responding in a timely manner is essential this week as students will need time to revise their presentations based on your feedback. These responses should stay on topic and generate further discussion by asking questions, mentioning relevant examples, and referencing concepts from the Reading. Address each of the following questions in your peer feedback responses and offer specific examples to help students revise their presentations effectively.
What is the main message of the digital media presentation?
Who is the target audience and how might they respond to the presentation’s text and visuals?
What are the strengths of the presentation?
What are at least two areas that need improvement?
Identify one visual design strategy from your Reading that your classmate used especially well or could apply to enhance the presentation.
Answer the question(s) your classmate shared with his/her publish.
All Discussion posts and responses to peers should be written in complete sentences using Standard English. Before posting, proofread for grammar, spelling, and word-choice issues. Be sure to respond fully to every aspect of the Discussion.
When you refer to concepts from the unit’s Reading, be sure to use a signal phrase like “According to . . .[name of reading].” If you are directly quoting the Reading or another source, be sure to use quotation marks and cite the source using proper APA in-text citations and full references.

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