Due in 8 hours case studies for business law

1.) Analyze the opinion in the case of Blimka v. My Web Wholesalers on page 34.

Every body in the class should answer questions numbers 2, 5 and 6  on Pages 42-43.

2.)Analyze the opinion in the case of Zhou v. Bickley; and 

answer Case Questions nos. 1 and 5 on page 293.

3.)Analyze the opinion in the case of Parrish v. Icon on page 156 and answer Case Question # 9 (Timpte v. Gish) on page 164.

I will provide the text book through Chegg once I accept the bid.I need each of the 3 assignments to be separate. Each assignment has to be at least a page and a half long. I will provide an idea of what the case analysis should include.(scroll to the bottom of the attachment.

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