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Ethics Vignette Paper

Please read the attached document, which contains a scenario highlighting some ethically concerning behaviors. Students will then write an essay discussing the concerning behavior and utilize an ethical decision-making model to determine what steps to take to resolve the problem. The paper should include the following headings and content within each heading:

  1. Introduction: Please describe the ethically concerning behaviors that you observed in the vignette.
  2. Step-Wise Model: As Jane and Henry’s coworker, use the “Step-Wise Model” for ethical decision-making taught in Chapter 7 of your textbook and discuss how you would go through each of the steps to come up with a method of intervening.
  3. Advice: If you were able to speak with Jane and Henry before this scenario occurred, what practical advice and/or alternative solutions would you have given them in order to avoid the scenario that occurred?
  4. Personal Reflection: How is this formal decision-making model similar and/or different from your intuitive thought process? Did the steps of the model alert you to anything unique that you might not have considered otherwise?

The essay should be 3-4 pages of text, plus a title page and reference page. No abstract needed. Paper should be in proper APA format. Please remember proper in-text citations. Please review the APA publication manual or Purdue OWL website as a resource

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