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Please write 150 words on Pentheus’ and Dionysus’ respective ways of “protecting” the city. What kind of traditions and norms must be respected to make Thebes strong and secure — military power and social order, or piety and respect for the gods?

If it is useful, you may address who their respective followers / supporters in (or outside) the city are, and how orderliness or disorderliness among these followers will lead or not lead to the stability of the city. OR you may address how long-lasting or permanent the stability of the city will be if one or the other of their orders is followed. Think about the end of the play, in other words, and who is responsible for it. You must use at least 2 quotes from the play in your post!

Please note that you must include your quotes at the beginning and that they do not count as part of the word limit.

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