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  I attached a copy of a paper of an example of what this one is suppose to look like…. PLEASE DO NOT USE THERE WORK

After thoroughly working through the six-week study, Worship and Witness, you will develop a paper centered on the vision and challenge of what God is doing in your life in the area of evangelism. Based upon the various stories provided in the book, as well as other books read in the course, and in light of class discussions and presentations, consider how you might utilize all that you have learned. In your paper, address the following:

  1. What have you learned this semester about evangelism as      it relates to your Christian walk that has changed your perception and      challenged your thinking?
  2. As we know from Scripture, where there is not a vision,      the people will perish.With this in mind, what is your personal vision as      it relates to integrating evangelism into every part of your life in the      days to come? What are some specific changes you will need to make in      order to fulfill your vision? How might this eventually affect your      family in the future? How will you relate in your community—that is,      where you live, work, and play? How will adopting the role of a      servant impact your future ministry in evangelism? How will you also      become more verbal and bold in your witness?
  3. Finally, how do you envision your future ministry and      calling as it relates to evangelism and multiplication, involvement in      church planting as a pastor or support role, developing true disciples who      passionately desire to multiply their witness? In other words, where      does true biblical evangelism fit into your future ministry as a pastor,      youth minister, church planter, counselor, chaplain, church member,      etc.? Please include specific and immediate plans for implementation      into your daily life.

The point of this assignment is for you to take a serious self-evaluation as to who you are now and who you will be in the future. If it is true that God is always at work around us, how will we join Him in that work to boldly reach people with the Gospel? Please be honest and transparent. This report should be 8–10 pages in addition to a title page and a references page, double-spaced in 12-point Times New Roman font, and in current Turabian style and format.

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