Family Violence in the news Journal 

Family Violence in the news Journal 
•    You will be required to gather ten news articles that describe/give account for an event in the area of violence or family violence.  Trust me, there are NO shortage of stories out there. 
•    Make sure to keep these article links handy, as waiting until the last minute to gather ten articles is difficult. 
•    Your entry will include a summary of the news story and any application of class discussion/course material that you can incorporate.
•    10 entries required
•    Worth 200 points.
•    NO late journals accepted.
•    Rubric provided below
A    B    C-D
Current news story (within 3 months)    Semi-current (within 6 months)    Story is more than 6 months and/or not current
Article is included    Link to article or incomplete article attached    No article included
Summary of article with text citations    Summary with little or no citations    No summary or no citations
News story involves case of Family Violence    News story is somewhat related to Family Violence, but is not an actual FV story    News story is not related to Family Violence and/or is not an actual FV story
None of the links are active links.  Needs links to each article
Many of the articles do not appear to be about specific events.
No application on any of the articles
Please number each entry

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