Financial Analytics for Managerial Decisions

Course Code: BUSM4741

Subject Name: Financial Analytics for Managerial Decisions

Assessment # 2: Business Report

Word Count: 2000(+/-10%)

 The company to be analysed is CSL Limited listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) with a trading code of CSL

Assessment details

You are required to study the annual reports of a company over the past three years and present your findings in a business report format. The company you have to analyse is CSL Limited listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) with a trading code of CSL. Your business report should evaluate the relative financial performance of the company based on the financial analysis results and propose strategies for future improvements.

You are expected to draw upon written material and required readings. The financial analysis should be conducted using skills and techniques learned in this course.

You are required to:

Identify, calculate and analyse the appropriate financial ratios from the five key categories based on its annual reports

Conduct the DuPont analysis

Evaluate major business segments’ profitability of the company

Use appropriate graphs to illustrate the relative performance of the company, including the trend of the ratios

Discuss the suitability of the current business strategies and propose strategies for future based on your analysis.

When interpreting the financial ratios, you are required to compare the ratios with various benchmarks such as prior years, the competitors and the industry averages.

Please present your detailed calculations in an appendix. If you carry out your calculations using an Excel workbook (highly recommended) please copy and paste key excerpts in your appendix. Please also upload your Excel workbook for the course facilitator.

While discussing your analysis, correct terminology and coherent expression should be interwoven throughout. Finally, it should be a synthesis of various relevant financial ratios and their interpretation, overlaid with your own view of the overall health of the business followed by your recommendations.

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