HOSP 204 Introduction to Hospitality Sales

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HOSP 204 Introduction to Hospitality Sales and Marketing
Sales Presentation Assignment (2020 Fall)
Launch Date: Monday November 16th, 2020
Due Date: Monday November 30th, 2020 by 11:59pm
Grade: /123 marks (20 %)
Submission format and instructions:
This is an individual assignment, you can submit this assignment in a WORD
DOCUMENT format.
Your assignment will be submitted to the assignment folder drop box labelled “Sales
Assessment” no later than: Monday November 30th, 2020 by 11:59pm
You are to write a report and create a “sales presentation” using the sales process (10 steps
listed below) learned in this course.
Apply the sales techniques highlighted in the e-book (Connect McGraw Hill) to enhance your
overall sales presentation – your goal is to close the deal based on the scenario you choose which
is provided on the next page (page 2).
You are provided with a total of THREE scenarios, you only need to choose ONE scenario in
which you will use to develop your sales presentation for your report.
The scenarios are frameworks only, you have flexibility and choice to decide what
product(s)/services/facilities to promote to your potential client based on the one scenario that
you choose (as long as they are relevant to the scenario that you choose).
Be sure to customize your presentation in your report so it is relevant to the scenario you have
A friendly reminder of the 10 steps of the sales process:
1. Prospecting 6. Objections
2. Pre-approach 7. Meeting Objectives
3. Approach 8. Trial Close #2
4. Presentation 9. Close
5. Trial Close #1 10. Follow up and Service
Page 2
1. You are a Sales Manager at “AAA International Hotel”. The hotel is recognized as one of
the 2019 Top Hotels in Canada. Also known as historical luxury hotel in downtown
Toronto. Recently, a multi-million dollar guestroom and function room revitalization project
has been completed. You are promoting hotel products/services/facilities to PepsiCo
Company (or a company of your choice) a potential client (a corporate client) who is
currently using another hotel located 5km from your hotel. PepsiCo has up to 1,000 room
nights per year in the downtown Toronto market and currently you are only receiving 80
room nights per year. The travelers that stay at your hotel and in the market are mainly
business travelers. You have secured an appointment with PepsiCo and are preparing
for a presentation which you will do at the PepsiCo head office located in Mississauga. In
order to increase your market share of their business, you will be presenting to the
following employees:
a. Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Sales – detailed, outgoing
personality, efficient
b. Vice President of Sales – big picture person, likes to speak, wants to see value
and benefits
c. Director of Finance – detailed, wants to see the bottom line of costs, not very
2. You are an Event Planner at DKN Event Management Company Limited. The company
has a reputation for promoting international events as well as promoting Canada as a
preferred travel destination in the global market. The incredible geographical variety of
Canada makes it as a significant tourist attractor. The large cities are known for their
culture, diversity, as well as many national parks and historic sites. You are about to
promote an event for a client which is an American Association based in Washington, D.C.
– the Association of American Medical Colleges who rotates their large international event
outside of the United States every four years. You are proposing Toronto as the
destination to host their 6,000person event, which will be for four days. You are presenting
to the Board of Directors which includes:
a. Executive Assistant – supports the CEO, detailed, you need to build her trust
b. CEO – Asks lots of questions, direct in communication
3. You are an Owner of the XYZ Restaurant Chain. The XYZ Restaurant Chain is renowned
for its premium quality of steak and other F&B offerings. It operates more than 100 outlets
across Canada. All venues are easy access with decent space to accommodate needs
for daily dinning, family gathering or special gathering. You are opening up a new
restaurant location in downtown Toronto and are looking to create a partnership with the
Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC) which is located within a 3km walking distance
from where you will be opening up your new restaurant location. Also located near by to
Page 3
your new restaurant location, there is another hotel which has a restaurant which is located
within a 2km walking distance from the Convention Centre and has been a partner for 15
years. You will be meeting with the Director of Marketing and Sponsorships at the
Convention Centre to discuss a long-term partnership with your opening restaurant.
Part 1 – The Report: 83 marks total
In part 1, you will create a report based on the ONE scenario that you chose on the
previous page to develop your sales presentation including the key components listed
1. Components of Report: ____5 marks
a. Cover Page /1
i. Name of Company Chosen /1
ii. Course Code & Section /1
iii. Student Name /1
iv. Centered & Space, Font Times Roman, 12, 1.5 spacing /1
2. The Business/Product: ____3 marks
a. Name of Hospitality/Tourism Company /1
b. Identify the Product you will be selling /1
c. Address of the company /1
3. Sales Call Pre-Approach: ____20 marks
a. What do you specifically plan to achieve with your sales call?
i. Use of SMART objective(s) /5
b. Customer /2
i. Who is the customer? Describe them in detail
(what group or market segment do they belong to? i.e. corporate, social etc.)
ii. Personality Style /1
iii. Buyers Buying Needs /1
iv. Needs Analysis Completed /1
v. Qualifying Questions outline /10
Page 4
c. Features/Advantages/Benefits Chart (FAB’s) ____15 marks
i. FAB Chart (use the template provided in the sample and fill out each
FAB related to your scenario) – MINIMUM of 10 of each Features, Advantages,
and Benefits are required /10
ii. Buying Needs Matched – MINIMUM 4 of each Features, Advantages,
and Benefits are matched to the clients’ requirements /5
d. The Script ____40 marks
i. Outline/Summary of all of the steps of the sales process (see picture below) /10
ii. Probing Questions/Qualifying Questions /5
iii. FAB (Features, Advantages, Benefits) /5
iv. TWO Trial Closes /5
v. TWO Objections /5
vi. Proper Objection Techniques to Overcome /5
vii. Closing Statement & Technique /5
Summary of Key Components for your REPORT
All of these key components MUST be present in your report:
1. Needs Assessment
2. The Presentation – meeting needs
3. FAB’s in the FAB chart – Minimum 10 of each F, A, B and 4 must relate to needs
assessment responses (i.e. they must relate back to how they are “beneficial” to your
client based on the scenario you selected and the needs you mentioned) – you can
highlight the 4 you don’t have to type them but they must make sense
4. 2 Objections
5. 2 Trial closes
6. 1 Final close
Page 5
Part 2 (Application Based Questions): _____40 marks
4. Answer the following Questions:
a. Write down your actual OPENING of the presentation (no marks as this is part of the
script). After writing your opening, then define what TYPE and SUB-TYPE (2.5 marks) of
opening it is (see example on the sample report document for Application Based
Questions) and also explain why this particular type of OPENING will work for your
chosen scenario (2.5 marks).
b. If you were to act out your script, then what TWO elements of the Sales Presentation
Mix would be used in your actual presentation and how they will benefit YOU (the
sales person) to help you close the business with your client? (2.5 marks each). As a
reminder, the six elements of the Sales Presentation Mix are: persuasive
communication, dramatization, evidence, demonstration, visual aids, and
participation. /5
c. Write down the TWO TYPES of objections that you used in the script above (no
marks for this as its in the script). Explain each TYPE of objection the client has (2.5
marks each) and why the client has this particular objection based on the scenario
(2.5 marks each)
d. Write down the TWO trial closes and the closing statement from the script above (no
marks for this as its in the script). Pick ONE of the two of these statements and define
what TYPE of closing technique is being used (2.5 marks each). Explain how this
technique will help you close the business based on the objection provided above (2.5
marks each)
Page 6
e. Now that you have successfully closed the deal, you will develop a follow-up plan for
this client. Explain in your follow-up plan the following three things:
1) WHEN will you be contacting this client?
2) WHAT method you will use to contact the client and WHY?
3) HOW often would you be following-up with this client? (2.5 marks for each)
f. Based on what your learning in the e-book (Connect McGraw Hill), what is the main
reason for following up with a client?
A sample of the Report (Part 1) of this assignment is posted in the Assignment
Folder for you to review.
A same of the “Answer” (Part 2) of this assignment is posted in the Assignment
Folder for you to review.
The Rubrics and Requirements for this assignment are posted in the Assignment
Folder – please ensure you review these items in detail maximize your success
and performance on this assignment.
If you have any further questions regarding this assignment, please reach out to
your Professor for clarification.

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