Read the Huffington Post article in the Global Negotiations Link.
Answer the following questions and post on Canvas:
1.  Name all the stakeholders in this issue and what their specific interests might be.
2.  Do you think fast fashion and competition in the garment industry have resulted in these types of factories in Bangladesh?
3.  Do you think it is possible to negotiate a solution to this situation that would result in a win for all parties?  Describe in detail the four steps included in a negotiation. 
4.  Explain the objective criteria that can be used in this negotiation?
5.  As of the latest reports, Wal-Mart has contributed to a fund for the families even though no Wal-Mart brands were found in the rubble. Wal-Mart does manufacture in other sites in the country though. Why do you think Wal-Mart made this move even though initially the company did not want to sign any agreements?
7.  What factors complicating global negotiations do you think would be present in these negotiations?


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