Investigates capital

Investigates capital.

This task investigates capital. Whether you are making a capital expenditure or thinking of going public with an IPO, you need to understand capital.

Research Capital

Watch the LinkedIn Learning course: Using the Time Value of Money to Make Financial Decisions with Kay Stice and Jim Stice
Watch Sections 3, 5-8 of Finance Foundations with Kay Stice and Jim Stice from LinkedIn Learning
Read Study Sessions 2, 11, 13, 14 of CFA Level I Exam Companion
Read Parts 2, 4 (chapters 4-7 and 11-1) of The Portable MBA in Finance and Accounting, Fourth Edition

Select one of the three companies from Task 2. Apply the time value principles of money to the financial situation of the company. Discuss the results of your findings on the present and future value of the company. Provide supportive documentation and calculations. You may want to use the Time Value Money Calculator in Step 1 for this assignment.

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Investigates capital

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