Islam in turkey presentation | History homework help

Assignment: Working in the groups below, prepare a 20-to-25-minute presentation for the rest of the class that teaches us about contemporary expressions of Islamic belief and practice that are particular to your assigned country. Some historical information can be provided if necessary, though this should make up only a small part of your presentation, as the focus here should be on contemporary beliefs and practices. Things to consider include: sectarian affiliations, important founding figures/saints, Islamic political influences, religious demographics and minority populations, local religious holidays, forms of popular piety, important shrines and holy sites, among many other cultural expressions of Islam that are unique to your country. These are suggestions, but you can add and subtract from this list as you see fit. The most important thing is to teach the class what you think is most important. Make this your own presentation that you believe is the best way of telling the story. Presentations should be creative and informative and should include audio-visual materials of one type or another. Note: if you use film or music clips (both encouraged) these should take up no more than one fourth of your total presentation time. Finally, each member of a group should participate equally both in researching and presenting in class.

My part is about rise of political islam in turkey just 5 minute about it 

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