Juan de Plasencia, Customs of the Tagalogs

Juan de Plasencia, Customs of the Tagalogs

Multiple Choice


1590 Liliw, Laguna, Philippines

1591 Liliw, Laguna, Philippines

1590 Plasencia, Extremadura, Spain

1591 Plasencia, Extremadura, Spain

Author’s name: *

Antonio Pigafetta O.S.F.

Juan de Pigafetta O.S.F.

Antonio de Plasencia O.S.F.

Juan de Plasencia O.S.F.

Social milieu around the time that the event occurred and was written (What was happening in history around the time that the document was written?) *

Babylonian King Hammurabi issues the Code of Hammurabi, One of the Earliest Legal Codes

King Suryavarman II of the Khmer Empire builds Angkor Wat; originally dedicated to the Hindu God Vishnu

Europe hears tales of the Far East from Marco Polo

Process of converting the natives into Christians and how to best govern them

Translator: *

Fred W. Morrison

Morrison W. Frederic

Frederic W. Morrison

Frederic W. Moris

Original language of the document: *





Author’s Purpose for writing the document: *

To give a report about the Customs of the Tagalogs to Santiago de Vera (Chief Justice of the Real Audiencia and Governor General)

To travel around the world and draw accurate topographical features of undiscovered lands

To give a detailed account on what happened to Magellan’s expedition of 1591-1522

All of the above

Title of the document:

The Tagalog Cultures and Traditions

Katagalugan Lifestyles and their Language

Customs of the Tagalogs

All of the above

Birth (Date and Place):

Early 15th Century Plasencia, Extremadura, Spain

Early 16th Century Plasencia, Extremadura, Spain

Early 15th Century Cáceres‎, Extremadura, Spain

Early 16th Century Cáceres,‎ Extremadura, Spain

Who was the intended audience? *

King Phillip II of Spain

Santiago de Vera and the authorities

European monarchs

All of the above

Place written: *




International Waters

Relevant information that links the author to the primary source: *

Credited with the foundation of a large number of towns in the provinces of Bulacan, Laguna, and Rizal

As a friar, he lived up to his pledge, leading a lifestyle devoid of any luxury and in constant contact with the people he was trying to convert to Christianity

He was known to de a defender of the native population, looking for the poor, ill, or neglected, and standing up for their rights on numerous occasions

None of the above

All of the above

Date of writing and/or Publication of the original document: *

a. October 21, 1598

b. October 24, 1598

c. October 27, 1598

d. Both A and B

Language used in Translation: *





This document became the country’s first Civil Code, used by the alcaldes-mayores in their administration of justice. The following are the topics covered: (3 answers only)

The relationship between debt and slavery

The laws on sales, bailments, and agency

Usury law


Obligations and Contracts

Land Titles and Deeds

This is a required question

The following are the personal biases, suspected errors, or misleading statements of the author that showed up in the document: (2 answers)

His belief that the natives should be converted into Christianity

His praise for Magellan

He views the natives as uneducated

His overall indifference and lack of concern for the natives

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