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KSAs Assignment

In this assignment, you will write an essay of between 400-600 words about a profession you might enter.

Step 1: Consider what kind of job you would like to have, then do a search on O*Net (Links to an external site.) for at least three jobs that fit the designation of something you would be interested in doing. Read about the jobs paying close attention to the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities -KSAs, then pick one to focus on for this assignment.

STEP 2: In your own words, write a summary about what KSAs are needed for your preferred future profession. Were there any KSAs that were surprising, or were others missing? What else did you learn about the job on this website?

STEP 3: Imagine you were going to hire someone to work in the profession you selected. Based on what you learned in this module about selecting employees, what would you recommend as an appropriate interview? How would you assess the KSAs? Be sure to also consider how you might avoid bias during the interview process.

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