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In children in court (CIC) cases, the court often appoints a law guardian to advocate for the children’s position and a CASA  (Court Appointed Special Advocate) worker to give the court a neutral opinion as to what is in the children’s best interests.  The CASA worker has to write a report to the judge prior to each hearing. In preparation of this Learning Project:

1) Please review CASA worker’s role in reporting to the court: https://www.casaofnj.org/ (Links to an external site.).

2) Please follow this format: CASA-Report-to-the-Court-Sample.pdf Please see the link here to see a sample and FOLLOW THE EXACT SAME FORMAT!!

Please make sure you put citations for sources used with an end section titled “Work Cited”. https://howardcountycasa.org/2019/09/23/what-a-casa-court-report-looks-like/

Read Case Examples below and prepare a report as a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) worker to the Court for any two of these six children. Total assignment should be at least 6 pages (at least 3 each); double spaced; font 12).

  • Six scenarios altogether 
  • Pick 2 scenarios and answer the following questions
  • Make up the interviews and give names to any and everyone you interview such as children (if they don’t have a name already), parents, grandparents, teachers, etc. . If a child happens to not have names in the scenario, give the child names. 

Please imagine interviewing the children, parents or any other relevant parties personally in each case and incorporating the information to answer these three questions in each report.

1. Are the parents guilty of psychological maltreatment?

2. If so, what type of psychological maltreatment is present?

3. What sort of intervention, if any, is necessary to help this family (including the children)?

4. What permanency plan is in the best interests of the children? What services should be court ordered to achieve this plan?

5) This is the only information available and you will not be able to reach out to the court to ask your questions about the report. So you should follow the instructions as best you can and persuade the court to follow your recommendations.

6) RUBRICS for this Assignment by clicking this link: Rubric Assiingment CASA Report-2020.docx

1. Beth, age 17, was concerned that her boyfriend, Bob, was going to leave her. In an attempt to keep him, she stopped taking her birth control pills without Bob’s knowledge and became pregnant. Although Bob stayed around during the pregnancy, he left shortly after their son, Sean, was born. Beth continually tells Sean that he is a failure because he was not good enough to keep his father around. When a friend tells Beth that she should not say things like that, Beth says it does not matter because Sean is only 22 months old and does not understand what she is saying. Although Beth does her best to take care of Sean, she does not seem to enjoy being with him, and she seldom plays with him.

2. Barbara desperately wanted to be a ballerina when she was a little girl, but her mother refused to pay for the necessary lessons. Now, as a mother, Barbara is determined that her little girl, Ashley, will be a professional dancer. She started taking Ashley to dance lessons when she was 18 months old, and now that Ashley is 6 years old, she has lessons 6 days per week and practices 2 hours per day. Lately, Ashley has begun to complain about dancing and asks to spend more time with her friends. Her mother explains that the practice is necessary to meet her goals and that Ashley can play when her practice and homework are complete. When Ashley asked if she could try out for the soccer team with her friend, her mother explained that she could not risk an injury that would inter- fere with dance. Whenever Ashley says she wants to quit dancing, her mother sends her to her room.

3. Brandon was raised by extremely strict parents and turned out to be a very successful businessman. In return, he is very strict with his own three sons, who are currently 8, 10, and 13 years old. When the children do not perform to his expectations, he lets them know that they have let the family down and that they should be ashamed of themselves. After being sent to his room, the offending child has to report to the family at dinnertime about his failure and apologize. The child is not allowed to join the family for the meal until Brandon is assured that the child is contrite. The children have been punished in this manner for offenses such as coming in late for dinner, for making poor grades (less than an A), for accidentally breaking a vase, and for fidgeting during church services.

4. Realizing that few people are suspicious of a young child, Tony and Linda encourage their 4-year-old daughter to take things from stores. Their daughter, Sara, thinks of this behavior as a fun game and is not at all distressed about it. Tony and Linda justify their behavior by saying that money is really tight and that it is appropriate for Sara to help out. They also point out that if Sara was caught, nothing bad would happen to her because of her young age.

5. Christina is raising two young children on her own. Unfortunately, she is having a great deal of difficulty trying to make ends meet. In order to provide for her children, she takes a second job working night shift as a waitress. She knows her children are too young to be left alone at only 6 and 8 years of age, so she leaves them with her boyfriend, Alan. Alan has always been good to Christina and her children, but he does earn extra money by selling drugs from his home. He assures Christina that the buyers who come to his home are safe and that the children are not in any danger while they are with him.

6. Kelly and Chris have a 10-year-old son and a 5-year-old daughter. Although most of their parenting techniques seem to be appropriate, family members have noted that both parents are much harder on their son than they are on their daughter. Anytime the children fight, it is automatically assumed that their son is at fault. He is punished, normally by being sent to his room, and he is required to apologize to his little sister. When questioned about this treatment, the parents assert that their son is older, so more is expected of him. Extended family members have also commented that it is the girl’s preferences for places to eat, vacation destinations, and outings that seem to be followed.

This assignment is due on December 4th, 2020 at 10:00 PM EASTERN STANDARD TIME New York CITY

This is the book you have to cite CHILD ABUSE AND NEGLECT (2ND EDITION)

Author: McCoy 

ISBN: 9781848725294

Copyright Year: 2014

Publisher: Routledge

Also, use the powerpoint attached below to help with the assignment. You can do additional research with proper citations.

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