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In this project you will be examining the importance of different fields of science in solving crimes.  There are many different sciences involved in Crime Scene Investigations (CSI). After selecting one, you will create a presentation or a written assignment on that area of science and how it relates to CSI.


During this course you have learned about many different techniques in solving crimes. Some different areas to consider include anthropology, entomology, blood spatter, odontology etc.

  1. Pick one area of Forensic Science which can be utilized to solve a crime.
  2. Examine how this area of science was used in a case, and how it was helpful in identification of a body or suspect. 
  3. You can use MSWord or PowerPoint to complete this project.
  4. Use Times New Roman, 12 pt. font and double-space the report, if you choose the written option.
  5. Use proper APA formatting for citing your source(s).
  6. Save as: CRJ127_M5_Project_lastnamefirstname
  7. Upload to the M5 Project Submission folder, as a .doc, .docx or .ppt, .pptx file.
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