Marketing Plan – Part 2 Situation Analysis

Marketing Plan – Part 2 Situation Analysis.

Marketing Plan – Part 2: Situation Analysis

  1. SWOT Analysis
    • Create a table that identifies the company’s internal factors (strengths and weaknesses) and external factors (opportunities and threats).
    • Internal factors can include: management, offerings, marketing, personnel, finance, manufacturing, and R&D
    • External factors can include: Consumers, social issues, competitive environment, technological developments, economic trends, and legal/regulatory environment.
  2. Industry Analysis
    • This section should begin with an overview of the industry in which the company operates.
    • Include a competitors analysis to demonstrate your understanding of the competitive marketing strategies being used
  3. Customer Analysis
    • Satisfying customers and providing value to them is why the organization exists. This section should address who the company’s target customers are/will be.
    • Include information about market segmentation and targeting.
  4. Reflection
    • How has this assignment helped to prepare you for more responsibility in your current position or a position you’d like to have in the future. (2 paragraphs)

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