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TASK: Students will complete a project on some aspect of Europe in the middle Ages (Medieval times—approximately 500-1500AD)(Or it can be current). Students should select a topic they are interested in, research that topic, and create a project to demonstrate what they learned about their topic.

· PowerPoint—about 10 slides-

TOPIC IDEAS: Below are some possible topics for projects ; you are not limited to this list so If you have a topic idea that is different than those below, ask Mr. Lanier if it is OK to proceed with it.

· Inventions · Health/Medicine · Clothing/Fashion · Hunting/Falconry

· Heraldry (Coats of Arms; Banners and Flags) · Housing · Castles · Food · Famines · Transportation · Paper Making · Writing · Weaponry · Jousting · Tournaments · Armor · The Church · Cathedrals · Magna Carta · Medieval Law · Bubonic Plague (Black Death) · Music · Entertainment · Architecture

· Knights and Chivalry · Poetry · Research a famous perso

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