Module 2 Portfolio Assignment

Module 2: Portfolio Assignment


Directions: In Module 2, you studied lesson planning basics and how to plan for the receptive skills. Now it’s time to practice. Using the materials below, your activities book and your own ideas, plan one reading lesson and one listening lesson appropriate for a mid-level class. When including activities which do not appear in our activities book, make sure to clearly describe them in your lesson plan. This includes detailing what the teacher will do during the activity and what the students will do.  Save these documents until the end of the course and turn them in with the rest of your portfolio. All documents must be submitted as Microsoft Word files.




My Dream Home


Currently I live in a condo building on the 28th floor. I love my condo because it’s in a new building with lots of amenities. However, now that I am getting married, I need space for 2 people. So I’ve been thinking about my dream home a lot lately. Here are some of my ideas.


When I imagine my dream home, I consider several points. One is the style; the second is the size and the third is the location. In terms of style, I prefer a clean, modern aesthetic. So my dream home looks and feels bright and happy with simple furniture and no clutter. Secondly, I want my home to be much larger than my current condo. My condo is 25 square meters. My dream home is 200 square meters. In my dream home there are 3 bedrooms. I would use one for sleeping, one as an office and one for guests. My dream home has a spacious kitchen, dining and living room area. All three of these are connected because the living area has an open floor plan. There are also 4 bathrooms, one for each bedroom and one for guests. Outside there is a patio and a yard. I want to get a pet, so a big yard is important to me. Finally, I have to consider the location of my dream home. Currently I live in a big city, but my dream home is located in the countryside near the mountains. My dream home has beautiful big windows that frame the stunning mountain view outside. The yard is surrounded by lots of trees and plants.


I hope you have enjoyed learning about my dream home. Is your dream home similar or totally different?














Reading Lesson on My Dream Home for a Mid-Level Class


Set your goal: The students will be able to:___________________________, by the end of this lesson.


Stage Time Activities



















































Listening Lesson Transcript

Whitney: Hey Jos!


Jocelyn: Hi!


Whitney: So today we’re going to do some shopping right?


Jocelyn: Yeah, yeah, I need to go to the market.


Whitney: Oh okay, what do you need to get there?


Jocelyn: Um, I need to get a vase because I broke my other one…


Whitney: Uh Oh…


Jocelyn: Yeah, and umm I need to get some new bowls for my kitchen.


Whitney: Oh okay, so what market do you want to go to to get that?


Jocelyn: I want to go to that big market that has all the housewares. I forget what it’s called.


Whitney: Is that JJ?


Jocelyn: Ah yeah yeah…that one.


Whitney: Okay, alright. That’s going to be hot! Can we go to the mall too because I want air-con. Thailand is so hot!


Jocelyn: Yeah uh, we can definitely go to the mall. If they don’t have what I need at the market, I’m sure they’ll have it at the mall.


Whitney: Okay, that would be great for me because I need to pick up some new jeans as well.


Jocelyn: Okay, yeah I wouldn’t mind going to the mall either. I have to get umm I have to get some stuff at the grocery store there.


Whitney: Oh yeah that’s right. I love the gourmet market downstairs. They always have everything that I need.


Jocelyn: Yeah they’ve got great food there.


Whitney: Alright, let’s go.


Jocelyn: Alright.

Listening Lesson on Going Shopping for a Mid-Level Class


Set your goal: The students will be able to:___________________________, by the end of this lesson.


Stage Time Activities




























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