Module 5 Portfolio Assignment

Module 5: Portfolio Assignment


Directions: In Module 5, you learned how to create a first day lesson plan. Below you will find an empty first day lesson plan chart ready for your own ideas. Plan a sample first day lesson appropriate for a mid-level class using the chart below, your activities book, and your own ideas. When including activities which do not appear in our activities book, make sure to clearly describe them in your lesson plan. This includes detailing what the teacher will do during the activity and what the students will do. Save this document until the end of the course and upload it as part of your portfolio. All documents must be submitted as Microsoft Word files.


First Day Lesson Plan for a Mid-Level Class


Set your goal: The students will be able to __________, by the end of this lesson.


Stage Time Activity

Name Game #1



Name Game #2









Larger Speaking Activities





**Classroom/ School Policies & Procedures**









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