Molecular Gastronomy Trends in Desserts



For your research paper you will choose one historical case or document which has shaped contemporary human rights history (e.g. the Charter of Rights, R. v N.S.).

This is an argument-centered paper – you must present an argument about the document or the case you are analyzing (for example its contribution to human rights history, its accuracy or omissions in representation, etc.)

Choose a document/case
o Describe the case/document in detail o What is the context (facts)?
How does this case/document represent human rights history in Canada?
o What rights are represented directly or indirectly by this document? o What rights are being litigated in the case?• Representation
o Whose story is this document telling? o Whose story is it not telling?

• Critical Analysis/Recommendations:
o Do you agree/disagree with the decision of the adjudicating body? What are its

strength/weaknesses? How would you have decided the case?
o is there anything you would change about this document in order to better represent the

event/person or broader human rights history that this document is addressing?

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