My representatives New York State 2020

My representatives New York State 2020.



Find out about your representatives at all levels of government, where they stand on one issue you care about, and what you think/feel about what you find out.
What is the issue you have chosen? Write a paragraph (or no more than a page) explaining what it is about this issue that is important to you. Why is it an important issue to you? How does it affect your life, family, friends, and community?

2. The second part concerns your representative’s views or position on the issue you have chosen. After you have identified who your representatives are (described below), write a few sentences or paragraph on where EACH of your Five representatives at all three levels of government stands on the issue you care about. What is THEIR position on the issue you have chosen? Do not tell me where they stand on other issues—stick to your issue. Write up whatever information you are able to find for all five of your representatives (Again, see below—and the handout—for sources to find out how to identify who your representatives are).

3. The third and final part concerns your reaction to what you find out. Write a page about how you feel and what you think about where your representatives stand on your issue. Now that you know that they agree/disagree, what might you be willing and able to do about it, given what you have learned in the course thus far? Make sure to write a summary of your reactions about what you learned. This can also include what you learned about the processes of how you went about obtaining information about who your representatives are and what their positions are in regards to your issue.

Your FIVE Representatives at each of the three levels of government are:


a. Your elected official in the House of Representatives

b. One U.S. Senator – in NY, either Kirsten Gillibrand or Charles Schumer.


a. Your representative in the NY State Assembly (or the same if you live in another state).

b. Your representative in the NY State Senate (or ditto if in another state)


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My representatives New York State 2020

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