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Imagine you are in charge of putting an anti-smoking communication campaign together (geared towards young adults) in your local community. Correctly identifying your target audience would be an important step. Who would be your target audience or audiences in this example? Are there any groups or sub-groups? Also, would you need to segment your audience in any way? Please address each of these questions and explain the overall importance of correctly identifying your target audience as part of your intended communication campaign.  

Your response should be at least 225 words in length.


This unit provided the 10-step approach of putting a communication campaign together. Step 6 involves selecting the appropriate communication channels. Why would selecting the right channel or channels be so important? What would be some of the examples of those channels if you were trying to put a communication campaign together that was designed to increase awareness for young people about the need for physical exercise and better eating habits to address the problem of obesity?  

Your response should be at least 225 words in length.

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