Nutrition Analysis





Our nutrition and eating patterns are shaped by our perceptions of food; what we have learned to like and
dislike, what we feel is healthful, and it is even formed by our family, cultural, and religious beliefs.
For this discussion, list five foods/liquids you like and five foods/liquids you don’t like and/or avoid. For each
you like, describe why you like them. For example, you might say I like to eat chocolate chip cookies because
they remind me of my grandmother.
For the five you do not like to eat/avoid, explain why. For example, you might say I don’t eat lima beans
because they taste too mushy in my mouth or I don’t drink milk because I am lactose intolerant, or I don’t eat
beef because of religious beliefs.
In addition to explaining why you don’t like the five foods/liquids, also include what it would take (if possible) for
you to overcome your dislike of the food/liquid.
Please make an initial post by midweek, and respond to at least two other student’s posts with substantial
details that demonstrate an understanding of the concepts and critical thinking. Remember that your posts
must exhibit appropriate writing mechanics including using proper language, cordiality, and proper grammar
and punctuation. If you refer to any outside sources or reference materials, be sure to provide proper attribution
and/or citatio






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