One page paper on the tv show csi miami or any other tv show that

Think about a popular TV show that you watch that focuses on small-group dynamics. This could be a popular TV drama, focused on the workplace, for example. 

Write, individually, a one-page reaction to the small-group dynamics demonstrated in the show. From a communication perspective, what went wrong? How could the members have handled the situation differently?


  •   The scope and functions of the small group within the organization, such as idea generation, event planning, process or creation, evaluation, and quality control
  •   The effectiveness of each member’s communication styles. What are the opportunities for improvement?
  •   The type of leadership within the small group, such as fixed, rotational, or ad hoc
  •   How the group leader and members communicate during group meetings
  •   Communication obstacles, such as groupthink tendencies, credibility issues, and insufficient listening
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