Organizational/communication crisis | Human Resource Management homework help

1. Locate a recent (or past) organizational crisis that has been in the news. Describe the crisis and provide suggestions about how you would have dealt with the crisis in a more productive manner. Provide the link(s) to the crisis information so I can read it, too! 

 2. Choose an organization (or use your own) and create a crisis communication plan.

Your plan should include the following parts:

  • Introduction & Table of Contents
  • Brief organization background to serve as information for crisis management team
  • Description of the Plan’s Purpose, including itsIdentify types of crises your organization could face (categorize these under broad headings, ex. accidents, financial, personnel, etc.)
  • Identify a crisis management team
  • Identify third party potential supporters or credible experts
  • Immediate Response Checklist
  • Establish procedure for dealing with the Media during a crisis
  • Press release template
  • Procedure for evaluating the crisis plan
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