The purpose of this group project is to give you and your team members an opportunity to encounter at first or second hand, views expressed by people who have been involved in the implementation and integration of an ERP package in a named local company. These encounters will provide your team with interesting material and constitute a source to compare with current literature on the topic.
In order to successfully execute this group assessment:
(a) use information from any company of your choice that you have easy access to, and
(b) your chosen company must have in place a given enterprise system
You are expected to take note of descriptions based on information from at least three company representatives concerning their experience with the procurement and logistics module of the company’s ERP package. If possible, you are also encouraged to plan and conduct interviews to capture these stakeholders’ views on that organization’s ERP venture. These interviews could be partly guided by the literature and partly follow the course preferred by the interviewee. However, you are expected to analyze the written descriptions (or your interviews) in light of module literature and such literature that you can find in addition to the module literature.
Your team have thus been assigned the task of making a presentation to your chosen company after your investigation with the view to securing a lucrative system integration contract based on the following requirements:
a) Critically evaluate the suitability of your chosen company’s ERP package against established alternatives.
b) Based on your team’s investigation, clarify:
(i) How the procurement and logistics module within the company’s ERP package contribute to overall productivity?
(ii) What information for decision making do the procurement and logistics module within the
Company’s ERP package provide?
c) Elucidate on the critical issues that the organization should consider when implementing an
ERP system?
d) Analyze the overall system requirements of your chosen company and develop an appropriate process model for a recommended ERP package based on any two of their key processes


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